Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OMEACoach: Not Just for Ohioans

Cincinnati-based pianist Alex Thio has just created a very useful extended website entitled OMEACoach, which those in Ohio looking for a pianist might find useful. As a collaborative pianist, Alex is targeting the many events sponsored by the Ohio Music Education Association. His blog already has some interesting information, including a fantastic post about accompanist fees. I particularly like his explanation of just what a client "buys" from a professional pianist: security and confidence. Best of luck for Alex and OMEACoach and be sure to check out his site for regular updates.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you, Chris for taking time to visit the OMEACoach.com website, and for being so gracious to review this site on your Blog! I'll have you know that the Collaborative Piano Blog is one I visit OFTEN to keep myself "in tune" with the world of collaborative arts. You certainly are an inspiration and your content is remarkable!

    Your encouragement (and pitch!) is SO appreciated. All the best to YOU and all that you do to provide us with relevant, useful and certainly interesting content.

    Success Be Yours Always,
    Alex Thio