Sunday, September 07, 2008

ME100 Hits 80

Joseph's Pisano's project to assemble 100 Music Education bloggers by the end of 2008 has hit another milestone, with 80 bloggers having signed on to the project (I'm #53). Here are the latest Music Education blogs to be added to the list:

Andrew Spang's Music Technology for Educators
John Ensminger's Pedaplus
Richard McCready's Tech Toys and Tunes
Derek's Down Press Up

If you blog about Music Education, just leave your blog's contact info on the ME100 main page in order to be added to the list. Only 20 spots are left...


  1. J. Pisano10:29 AM

    Thanks for your support with this and what you do for musedublogosphere with your works on this site!

    J. Pisano

  2. And thank you, Joseph, for the complementary Naxos Music Library account, which has really opened insights into how I can get students to engage with their repertoire in the studio.