Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dilettante Music's Blank Canvas Webcast

A few months ago, I wrote about the classical music social networking startup Dilettante Music. In the ensuing months, they've been both expanding their user base and releasing new and interesting multimedia content for both members and visitors. Below is a recent webcast of their July 9 Blank Canvas event at 93 Feet East in London. The featured musicians on the webcast:
  • Pianist Will Dutta playing the first movement of Debussy's Pour le piano (starting at ~3:32 on the video)
  • The Elysian Quartet playing Sean O'Hagan's The Ballad of Eppington Steel
    (starting at ~8:21)

For those who haven't heard of Dilettante Music yet, it's a sort of classical-music-themed Facebook, where you can post a profile, write blog posts, friend other users, post photos, join groups, add event listings, and upload music. Right now Dilettante is mostly UK-centered, but that will probably change as the site grows and matures over the coming season.

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