Friday, September 19, 2008

Male and Female House Numbers

Those looking to expand their musical theatre repertoire may want to check out Jeremy Fisher's lists of 60 house numbers for both male and female singer/actors.. For those who aren't sure what a musical theatre house number is, here's a quick explanation from Jeremy:
You’re a Musicals singer looking for a song that can reach out to an audience, one that you can play to them directly. You’re looking for a “House number”...a song that crosses the invisible fourth wall between the actor and the audience, the wall that exists in the character’s mind (after all, in most plays and musicals the characters don’t know they’re being watched by a group of people).
Jeremy's M and F lists have selections of true house numbers, as well as audience numbers and sililoquies. Both lists have excellent song choices both for revues and audition selections.

60 Male House Numbers from Musicals
60 Female House Numbers from Musicals

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