Sunday, August 03, 2008

Countertenor Phillipe Jaroussky Sings A Chloris on YouTube

One of the most difficult but important aspects of a countertenor's life is finding appropriate repertoire for such a unique voice. Reynaldo Hahn's A Chloris is one of the songs from the French mélodie repertoire that seems to fit this voice type like a glove, sung here with much elegance by Phillipe Jaroussky. Anyone know who the pianist is?

Update: A big thanks for the comment by pianoman - the pianist is in fact Jérôme Ducros.

Update: Another big thanks to Darrell for finding a longer clip of the video below with full documentation and credits: Part 1 of Une Invitation À La Mélodie Française: En compagnie de Philippe Jaroussky, directed by Louise Narboni. Look for more installments of this documentary in the next few weeks.


  1. Thanks, Chris- a beautiful performance- how strange that the pianist is not credited, as he is so obviously an equal partner (sigh). Plus ça change...

    A Chloris is one of my favorite songs. We actually had some friends perform it at our wedding reception!

  2. Unfortunate, but all too typical on YouTube. Hopefully a reader from France may be able to fill us in on the identity of the mystery pianist.

  3. The pianist is Jérôme Ducros.

    Congratulations for your blog. I come here every day to see what's new.

  4. Darrell6:57 PM

    Ditto Valerie's comments, Chris - a beautiful performance of one of my favourite Mélodies

    Here's a link to another posting of the same video, this one including the full credits at the beginning - the pianist is Jérôme Ducros.

  5. Darrell, your link didn't come through. I'll take a look on YouTube tonight and see if I can find the video with the pianist credit.

  6. Darrell7:08 PM

    Hmm - I guess it helps if you actually paste it. My bad...

    Here's the link:

    the first in a series of the whole documentary.