Friday, July 25, 2008

Collaborative Pianists: What Are Your Peak Musical Experiences?

The life of a collaborative pianist is never easy, with constant deadlines, the expectations and insecurities of others, a frequent lack of respect, too many unfriendly pianos, and that money thing that always needs to be worked out.

Forum question #2 deals with those moments that make everything worthwhile, when we transcend all the other stuff in the joy of music-making with others:

What are your peak musical experiences?

Feel free to talk about those elusive moments, fleeting but life-changing, that you either experienced in the past or happen on a continual basis, either by yourself or with others, which make the collaborative enterprise a choice unlike any other.

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  1. Anonymous12:20 AM

    you know, i have to say that some of my best moments have come in playing masterclasses with "so-and-so" great artist. they stand espousing how the piece "ought to go" (if there is such a thing) and the audience listens, detailing every word...

    but every once in a while, they sing as an example.... and then, it's so much fun to play with the artist. it's like being lead by a team of horses instead of leading the pack. it's like riding the wave instead of falling into the surf and waiting for the next one to pick you up. suddenly, the music happens as it should. it's a moment to be remembered.

    maybe i say this because i am a young collaborative artist still on my way up.

    i've definitely had my share of great recitals; but still, there is something about the soloist who takes the lead, who invites me to follow him/her/them... who makes gestures for me to respond to in THIS moment.... there, the collaborative is much more provocative, enjoyable, and worthwhile.

    i'm waiting for THAT next moment.