Friday, May 09, 2008

Upcoming Summer Projects on the CPB

It's been a busy couple of weeks here, with a full schedule of teaching, playing, master classes, marking, and administrative duties. As the season winds down in a few weeks, I hope to have some time to finish several organizational issues with past postings, as well as adding more resources. Here's what is on the agenda:
  • You've probably noticed the fantastic design improvements, all thanks to Helen Hou, a recent graduate of the Master of Music program in Accompanying and Chamber Music at Eastman. Part of Helen's vision for the CPB involves creating an easily accessible archive of no more than a dozen or so categories for all past postings (such as resources, videos, events, etc.) which could be accessible via drop-down menu. My current tag system is a bit of a disaster, so I'll need a fair amount of time to sort out all the 900+ postings and fit them each into a category.
  • Many people have asked for a greater level of detail on the Degree Programs in Collaborative Piano, with info on degrees offered as well as links to relevant pages for each program. That's going to happen, just not now. With 75+ degrees in the field, that' s a research project for the summer when things are a little bit slower than they are now.
  • I'll be continuing The Core Repertoire project for listings of the most frequently played pieces in the repertoire. After finishing up the strings, I'll then be moving on to winds and brass.
And now the big question:

What do you need from this blog?

I would be glad to honor requests to add more types of content, depending on what you feel you need the most on the Collaborative Piano Blog. Leave comments below and I would be glad to consider. I plan on being around quite a long time and making the CPB as accessible and relevant as I can. Having great readers (and great commenters) is part of what has made this blog so much fun to create and grow!

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