Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speedlinking - 27 May 2008

This is one of the busiest weeks of the year for me, with precious little blog time until later in the week. In the meantime, here are some recent articles from around the blogosphere on practicing, networking, and using technology:


  1. Hi Chris,
    Wanted to let you know about a great website I've been following for awhile> freelanceswitch.com
    While some articles are specifically targeted at designers or writers - a great chunk of them can apply to anyone in the 'freelance' job scene [like us pianists!]. I've found alot of articles I can directly apply to the way I do things with 'clients' from everything from pricing to marketing, etc.
    Enjoy your blog!

  2. Vashti, I've been following Freelance Switch since it's first week. Although many of their articles are geared towards writers and designers, there's still a lot of stuff for musicians to learn from. Look for previous Speedlinking postings for some relevant FSwitch links.

  3. Hi there. It's Emily (as opposed to Erin) from the Stark Raving Cello Blog. Thanks for the mention...I found it on Technorati. :)