Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Collaborative Piano Blog Will Relaunch...as a Pop Music Blog

I'm very excited to share this exciting news with you. The time has come for this blog, hitherto known as the Collaborative Piano Blog, to more adequately reflect a much wider scope of music important in the lives of so many people. Rather than limit myself to only the limited world of classical music, I have decided to encompass the intelligence, diversity, quality, and commitment of popular music, as exemplified by important artists of our time such as Madonna, Paris Hilton, Michael Jackson, and some of the past winners of American Idol.

At this time, I would also like to introduce the Collaborative Piano Blog's new name as of April 15:


Some of you might seem a little disconcerted by this new direction. Some of you might think that, with the current fracas about CBC Radio 2's rebranding initiative, I'm replacing my emphasis on writing about accompanists with pap.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It has merely been my intention to more adequately reflect the intelligent musical tastes of my readership, their intelligent choices when it comes to music, their emphasis on listening to quality and in an intelligent format. That is why instead of focusing so heavily on Bach, Beethoven, and Babbitt, I will be looking at the music of such intelligent artists as Devo, Vanilla Ice, and Milli Vanilli. Contrary to what those Facebookers may tell you, this type of music is every bit as intelligent as, say, the 1812 Overture.

I would also like to retain my commitment to classical music. In fact, I will even be adding to what is currently the dominant genre on the Collaborative Piano Blog. That is why, on the second Thursday of every other month, I will be writing a short feature about the world of classical music. On May 8, look for the first article in this series, "At Your Service: How the Lowly Accompanist Became One of the Hottest Service Industries in Classical Music".

It's time for a change. It's time for Populr.


  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Brilliant, Chris!


  2. Anonymous1:19 AM

    That good scotch is getting to you Chris =^D. Have a Coors Lite and settle down into a dozen sentences with no more than 5 words each, with a few "it was like"s tucked in. You're still "talking down" to us, man...

  3. Excellent idea, Chris! There is an astonishing lack of content on the Internet devoted to this endeavor and I am thrilled to see that you are taking up the cause here at The Collaborative, er, uh, I mean, Populr. I look forward to the many forthcoming posts that promise to be intellectually stimulating and professionally inspiring. In fact, I've been pondering a new career as a professional pop artist. Perhaps you can help me get a start...

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  5. Although I have already censored two dozen comments this morning, I have chosen to post these four supportive comments, which will also be reprinted in a forthcoming full-page ad showing such broad support for my rebranding initiative.

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  7. I am going on to the Cal-West NATSAA Regional on April 26, 2008. I thought I'd just Google NATSAA & see what was out there. I ran across this blog and am HIGHLY amused & look forward to reading many more posts.

    I have a WONDERFUL pianist (he has requested that I always call him that - not accompanist) from Arizona State University named Jeremy Peterman. He's fabulous & I felt more comfortable with him more immediately than I have with any other pianist I've worked with. I trust him completely and often request advice, comments, a wonderful pair of ears. If you don't have a pianist you can trust with your life, you just can't get up to the "next stage."

    I felt I had to post a comment because, both your professionalism (as seen in other posts) and your humor (as STRONGLY shown in this post) are wonderful. If you don't keep yourself laughing in this biz, you'll go insane. :-)