Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Response on the Classical Music Cuts at the CBC

The CBC doesn't appear to be making any public relations points with massive negative response to the pending classical music cuts at Radio 2. The Facebook Save Classical Music at the CBC group has swelled to 5,449 6,085 7,349 members and a flurry of daily posts on the latest CBC contacts to send petitions to. The Globe and Mail, in the wake of Russell Smith's hard-hitting editorial, has started to publish reader comments on its Music News RSS feed. Here's one from Eric Wright:

If the people running Radio 2 were in charge of our public library system, they'd throw out everything except thrillers, romances and the novels that have been serialized on Masterpiece Theatre, all in the name of giving the public what it wants.

And an even more direct blow from Morgana Graham:

A plague upon the CBC for messing with the fabric of our lives.

Will the CBC brass respond to this avalanche of public opinion on their program cuts? Are they even aware of the public response?

Don't forget to sign the online petition demanding that classical music programs be properly restored to CBC Radio 2.

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  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Well it's nice to know that SOME people out there are listening to our protest, even if it isn't the CBC.