Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earle Peach on Saving the CBC Radio Orchestra

Vancouver musician and activist Earle Peach has a simple solution to save the CBC Radio Orchestra: get 20,000 people to each donate $50 to the CBC, thereby maintaining stable funding of $1 million for the orchestra and ensuring its survival. Here is his open letter:

Folks--since obviously the decision makers at the CBC don't know their asses from lambs' quarters, they need a little help in the decision-making department. Accordingly I'm mailing in a donation of $50 to the CBC, earmarked for the CBC Radio Orchestra. The orchestra's budget is a mere $1M; that's only 20,000 donations of $50. I'm positive that that many Canadians will be willing to put up $50. Hell, I'll throw in an extra $5 to convince the current CBC board of directors to stand up to the Canadian Taliban (er, sorry, the Conservatives), and resign en masse in protest over their obvious plans to gut our national broadcaster. Let's face it, this is a fight to the finish. The Conservatives are softening the CBC up for privatization after the next election. Don't let them!

I'm mailing my cheque to

Audience Relations
250 Front Street West
P.O. Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6

And making it out to "CBC/Radio Canada" with a memorandum "for CBC Radio Orchestra". If you want you can also send them the first paragraph above...:>)

Please forward this message to as many folks as you can! Saving the CBC Radio Orchestra should be a piece of cake.

(Thanks, Ita!)

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