Saturday, February 09, 2008

Those Overactive Pianists

An recent article by Bernard Holland in the NY Times highlights the growing problem of pianists who move around too much. Is it showmanship or self-aggrandizement? Kate Boyd in Notes from the Ivory Tower writes about her own observation of this phenomenon, and suggests some strategies for increasing efficiency of movement at the piano. Here are two of her suggestions:
  • Slow-motion practicing, focusing on maximum economy of motion between every note in a passage
  • Breathing from your diaphragm and centering yourself before beginning a phrase or section while practicing


  1. Jamie Cullum could certainly do with some tips on this subject.

    Have you checked out Jools Hollands style. There is something worth studying and commenting on.



    Totally Expert

  2. I haven't studied the style of either of those pianists. However, if Bathroom Divas ever goes to a third season and I end up playing for the show, I'll be sure to work on my camera-mugging skills to see if I can get some more camera time happening...