Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Speedlinking - 26 February 2008

Here are some interesting articles from the last few days:
  • The New York Philharmonic's trip to North Korea is probably the most important classical music news story of this year. Miss Mussel has compiled an excellent roundup of the coverage this story has been getting in various media outlets.
  • Now that the NY Phil has become the toast of Pyongyang, it's not surprising that there seems to be an outbreak of cultural evangelism fever. Jacob Stockinger asks the question of whether the time is right for the Madison Symphony Orchestra to bring classical music to Cuba. Perhaps someone should notify Mr. Stockinger that Cuba already has a thriving classical music scene and that nearly every country on the planet except the US already maintains economic and cultural relations with Cuba.
  • Not sure yet that your love of teaching and performing is translating into financial gain? Liz Strauss has a list of 25 ways to love what you do so the money follows.
  • Kiri te Kanawa has lashed out at classical crossover artists such as Charlotte Church and Hayley Westenra:
    They are all fake singers, they sing with a microphone. These people, two or three years and they're gone. People call them up-and-coming, but they never last. They are the new fakes for the new generation.
    Dame Kiri is correct, of course. Becoming a professional operatic singer able to sing above an orchestra requires over a decade of intense study. That didn't stop Paul Chapman in the Telegraph from taking a few swipes at her near the end of his article.
  • Can't bear to spend another hour in a practice room? Ben Clapton at the recently relaunched Music Practice Tips has a useful list of 10 useful things to do when you don't want to practice.

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