Sunday, February 17, 2008

Opera To Go 2008: She sees her lover in the light of morning

A story about an unexpected encounter and innocence rediscovered...

She sees her lover in the light of morning

Libretto by Leanna Brodie
Music by Craig Galbraith


Agnieska (soprano)
Sumana (mezzo soprano)

Scene 1. Agnieska, a thirty-something graduate student, brings Sumana, a much younger undergraduate, back to her apartment after having met in a bar. Sumana energetically admires the book-filled apartment, while Agnieska remains silent. While Sumana is in the bathroom, talking constantly, Agnieska finally breaks her silence and sings the names of her former lovers, all of whom she parted from on bad terms. When Sumana returns, Agnieska is reluctant to make any advances on Sumana, fully aware of what the consequences of her past relationships have been, but Sumana finally convinces her of how important this moment is to her, and they kiss.

Scene 2. The next morning. Sumana is still asleep and Agnieska returns, having left to make coffee. Agnieska sings an aria about how Sumana has brought her happiness, although unaware yet of just how painful love can be. Sumana wakes, and the two sing a duet, at the end of which the two are moved to laughter, and collapse into each other's arms.

Opera To Go 2008 runs through February 23rd at the EnWave Theatre in Toronto as part of the Harbourfront Centre's World Stage 08.

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