Thursday, January 03, 2008

Poll: How Much Do You Charge Per Hour for a Rehearsal or Coaching?

What to set your hourly rate at is one of the most important decisions a collaborative pianist can make. Do you want to price yourself lower in order to get more work or higher to brand yourself as being more exclusive? Here is a chance to list what your rate is and compare it that of the internationally diverse group to see where rates lie on average.

One important thing: since this blog's community is highly global, I have decided to list answers in US Dollars. That means you'll need to convert your hourly rate to US Dollars, which you can do with a simple Google search with the following terms:

x [name of own currency] in us currency

A word of caution for those interested in the authority of this poll: differences in rates between countries and cities often depend on strength of currencies and regional standards of living. One important variable to consider is the continuing weakness of the US Dollar over the past few months.

So vote away and ask your collaborative colleagues to do the same--this poll is open until the evening of Saturday the 12th.


  1. Great poll, Chris! Very insightful data here!

  2. Thanks, Hugh. I assume your vote would have been on one of the higher tiers...

  3. Anonymous7:15 PM

    This is an interesting poll, Chris. I think many of us are often unclear or shy about what to charge--something our plumber or dentist or people in other professions would never flinch about. A discussion of the reasons for that as well as the reality that rates vary according to many factors, (not the least of which is location) would be interesting.

    Phil Amalong
    Cincinnati, OH

  4. Anonymous12:16 AM

    I charge $25./hr. for rehearsal time with the soloist but now I've started charging $15./hr. for my own rehearsal time. I think I should charge more so I increase my rate a little bit every year.