Tuesday, January 08, 2008

January 20 is Sample Class Day at the RCM Community School

If you're interested in taking lessons or classes at the RCM Community School in Toronto but aren't sure how to get started, you might be interested in attending Sample Class Day on January 20. In addition to a broad variety of free sample lessons that you can sign up for, there will also be free sample classes in Eurythmics, Ghanaian drumming, Music with your Baby, Singing from Scratch, Rock Band Jam, World Music Chorus, Preparatory Music, and Performance Without Fear.

For more information on Sample Class Day, visit the RCM site for a complete listing of everything offered on January 20. You'll also need to RSVP, which you do by sending an email to communityschool [at] rcmusic.ca with your name, contact info, and which classes or lessons you're interested in sampling. There will also be several Q&A sessions throughout the day, and I'll be around for most of the afternoon answering questions about courses in the voice program.

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