Friday, January 11, 2008

Introducing Collaborator's Annex

These days many classical music bloggers aren't limiting themselves to merely one project, but branching out into many different media at the same time. Jason Heath writes and Arts Addict (in addition to his entertaining Twitter feed), Hugh Sung produces highly informative audio and video podcasts alongside his excellent blog (as well as having developed the concept of the Visual Recital), and Bob Shingleton writes On an Overgrown Path in addition to having his own program on Future Radio. Where do they find the time to do all these things?

Readers of the Collaborative Piano Blog will know that my interests go far beyond the confines of "the piano in ensemble...the piano in real life". I'm also interested in a wide variety of subjects, such as food, books, online productivity apps, ├╝ber-cool start pages, weird stuff on the web, and the role of culture and the artist in society. I never intended the Collaborative Piano Blog to be an entirely personal blog, but an aggregator of useful resources both on- and off-site created by one if the field's most ardent practitioners. However, I've felt the need to create a more personal site that reflected more of the stuff that I'm into without going radically off-topic back here.

Therefore, I now present Collaborator's Annex, a Tumblr site that has a much wider scope than what you'll find here. The posts on Collaborator's Annex are in the micro-blogging tradition and won't be as polished or comprehensive as they are here in the Collaborative Piano Blog, but there will be potentially more of them, as I track videos, photos, and links that I find interesting, as well as a bit of meta-commentary on the posts found here. In case you aren't a web-surfer of the old school but prefer your content fragmented and aggregated, you can also subscribe to CA's RSS feed.

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  1. This is extremely cool, Chris. I love how inventive you are with Web 2.0 technologies (using Pageflakes for your Pagecast, for example). Great idea!