Sunday, January 27, 2008

I HAZ Ginger

Many of you know that I've been a startpage junkie for quite a while now. Late last year I created a pagecast on Pageflakes that lists (nearly) all the classical music blogs and shows the RSS feeds of several of the more well-known ones.

Well guess what I got myself invited to. Netvibes, known as one of the leaders of the startpage field, is now in private beta for Ginger, it's next-generation platform that adds many social networking layers to its already wide lineup of features. I just happened to get a beta invite (via Facebook) and am in the process of creating a Netvibes Universe, basically a public start page that you can customize to the nth degree. Right now I'm creating a Netvibes Universe for the CPB, which is still under construction, but I aim to use it as a complete listing of articles and resources here and elsewhere that can be of benefit to those in the CP community. I'll be adding to it in the next while and will probably take a few more weeks or months to become a comprehensive resource.

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