Thursday, December 20, 2007

YouTube of Willie Hall Playing Violin in The King of Jazz

This astonishing video features the American trombonist/violinist Wilbur "Willie" Hall in a vaudeville performance from the 1930 film The King of Jazz. Watch for the insane bow tricks not often attempted nowadays. I would love to know who the off-camera crackerjack pianist is--his ragtime arrangement of The Stars and Stripes Forever piccolo solo in the bicycle-pump section is pretty spectacular.


  1. Pretty sweet video, but the bicycle pump solo is not the "Star Spangled Banner" (the U.S national anthem). It's from "Stars and Stripes forever", a famous Sousa march. Similar name, not even close to the same tune.

  2. That's what I meant but it came out wrong late last night. Thanks for pointing out my colossal duh, brian.