Thursday, December 20, 2007

Poll Results: What Kind of Calendar do You Use?

Last week I started a week-long poll that asked the question "What kind of calendar system do you use to keep track of rehearsals, concerts, auditions, coachings, and lessons? The poll has closed, and the results are in.

61.9% Traditional paper calendar
11.9% Outlook or other desktop program
11.9% I have a flawless memory so I've never felt the need to actually write anything down
9.5% Mobile devices that sync with desktop programs, ie. Palm, Blackberry, or iPhone
4.8% Online web-based calendar, ie. Google, Yahoo, 30Boxes, Music Teacher's Helper

For me the big surprise is not that over 60% of respondents still use paper calendars (I abandoned them for digital ones in 1993), but that 11.9% claim to use no calendar at all. Risky risky risky...

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