Thursday, December 13, 2007

Listening to Music (And Not Doing Anything Else)

A new project underway (sponsored by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Classic FM) called "Hear Here!" aims to gather data on how and where we listen to music with the aim of promoting active listening. This is a great idea, can potentially cross many musical boundaries, and I can imagine would have many supporters among musicians of many stripes eager to have their music actually listened to instead of treated as a digital commodity for profitable consumption.

Ivan Hewett's article in the Telegraph
You can take part in the first part of the project by doing the Hear Here! survey.


  1. hi chris,

    you don't have to post this but i thought you should know that the survey link is down both via your site and the telegraph article.


  2. Hey Chris - The link to the survey is dead.

    Hope you're staying sane with all the xmas recitals, concerts, gigs (not to mention teaching). Am I ever looking forward to Christmas break!

  3. Rhona-Mae, am I ever looking forward to the break, short as it is.

    The H/H survey seems to be working this morning.

  4. Thanks Chris. I'll check it out.

    Have a great holiday break. Four sleeps and counting till mine. ;-)