Sunday, August 12, 2007

Strange Search Terms

As this site matures, I notice an ever-increasing number of search engine referrals on my stats. Most of them are for perfectly predictable terms such as "collaborative piano", "bathroom divas", "piano technique", or many of the performers and composers mentioned here.

However, I'm noticing a fair number of search engine referrals for terms that have little or nothing to do with my prime content. People search for the strangest things. Following are some of these search term oddities...

lesten to ever again kely
rue des cascades + sheet + crack
guitar tattoo
scala tattoo
bass clef tattoo
alto clef tattoo
therisa boothroom video
font fonts soundout
i can't get contact lens solution in 100ml bottle
sexy embrace

And unbelievably, a large number of searches for the letter "t".

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