Monday, August 06, 2007

Cheap Urtexts Are Back in Toronto Area Costco Stores

The Konemann Urtext series is back at Costco locations in the Toronto area, this time for a whopping $3.83 per book. Here are some of the scores I found yesterday in one of the Mississauga stores:

  • Beethoven Sonatas in four volumes
  • Mozart Sonatas in two volumes
  • Bach Well-Tempered Clavier I and II
  • Bach English Suites
  • Johann Strauss Waltzes
  • Scott Joplin Ragtime pieces
  • Grieg Lyric Pieces in two volumes
The Konemann urtexts are clearly laid out and definitely useable, although without the fingerings and editorial notes of higher-priced urtext editions such as Henle and Baerenreiter. And that price...

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