Monday, May 21, 2007

No. 50

The list of The Top 51 52 Classical Music Blogs on Musical Perceptions now seems to be a benchmark for the classical music blog niche. And what a surprise to see this humble blog make its first entrance on the list tied for 50th place.

The list is based on Technorati authority, which is simply a ranking of how many other blogs link back to each one. Not a perfect method, but simply one way of measuring popularity.

The hole in the system: two of the most popular classical music blogs didn't make the list, namely Hugh Sung and Kim Witman's Wolf Trap Opera. These two blogs have traffic stats that would put over half the blogs on the list to shame (including this one). But since they don't get the links that the others do, they didn't make it.

Is there another way to gauge what the top blogs are? I'll do some thinking, and may just come up with my own criteria and list not too long in the future...


  1. Hi Chris - Congratulations for hitting the top 50!! A terrific accomplishment for one of the very best classical music blogs out there!! And thanks so much for the kind recognition - i'll have to see what i can do to play the technorati stats game, it seems ;)
    Take care! - Hugh

  2. Thanks, Hugh! You shoulda been on the list.

    But the Technorati game isn't the only measure of a blog's success...

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, Chris. I'm no good at the popularity game, and it's just as well. The whole idea of stats makes me tired. I had a chance of URL address last winter (long story...) and all of the links to the WTOC blog went down. Anyway, there's a lot of freedom in toiling in obscurity :)

  4. Here here, Kim! A toast to the anonymous bloggers contributing under the radar!