Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Introducing The Collaborative Piano Store

Since my decision to monetize around 6 weeks ago, it's been difficult decision just what formats would be the ideal ones on a niche site such as this. You may have noticed that the AdSense ads weren't totally optimized for this type of site ("Free piano lessons!!! No practicing!!!") Today I finally decided on the course to take--a store that would sell the type of products that collaborative pianists really need for the subjects they care about.

After many hours of building, I am pleased to announce the launch of The Collaborative Piano Store, a place where you can find a wide variety of books on subjects such as practicing, sight reading, piano pedagogy, anthologies, diction, poetry, opera guides, getting organized, as well as some fine audio equipment. The permanent link can be found near the top of the sidebar, just below the bookmark and feed subscription buttons. Enjoy!


  1. Chris, you are so BUSY!! You need some anti-stress anti-burnout websites to go to...:)
    The selections look fantastic. Is it Canadian Amazon or American?

  2. I do in fact have some anti-stress websites to go to, which involve casting spells and shooting things with various types of weaponry ;)

    The aStore I created is actually a service of American Amazon, and although you can order stuff no matter where you are, the prices are in US dollars.