Thursday, February 08, 2007

FWD: Music

I've been keeping quiet about this on the blog for the last few months until everything was set up, but I've been putting together a recital at the Royal Conservatory that will highlight Community School faculty and the diverse things they do. It will be called:

FWD: Music
An Ongoing Project of the Faculty Association in Support of Excellence at the RCM Community School

The concert is slated for 8pm on April 7th at the RCM Concert Hall at 90 Croatia Street. Once advertising materials and ticket info are available, I'll be posting them here, as well as info on the all-star cast of performers, who are:

Helen Jacob-Stein
Christine Surman
Donna Sherman
Jennifer Tung
Helen Russell
Susan Gagnon
Karen Quinton
John Graham
David Richter
Penelope Dale
Chris Foley (me)
Stephen Satory
Alla Zacarelli
Monica Zerbe
Brahm Goldhamer
Joel Katz
Margot Rydall
ivan Zilman
Anne Lederman
George Thurgood
Alan Hetherington
Wagner Petrilli
Subhadra Vijaykumar

The idea of this concert is to raise scholarship funds for the Community School. If the concert is enough of a success, the next step is to create an ongoing series that will eventually fund an endowed scholarship for the Community School on behalf of the RCM Faculty Association.

Stay tuned for more info...

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