Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Top recent incoming search words

The following are this site's top incoming 10 search terms for the period from September 1 to December 31, 2006, via Google Analytics.

1. collaborative piano
2. wendy hatala foley
3. christopher foley piano
4. collaborative piano blog
5. artist diploma collaborative piano
6. collaborative pianist
7. opera jeunesses oakville
8. doctor collaborative piano
9. piano blog
10. bathroom divas

A few conclusions. First of all, my wife seems to be more popular than I am on my own site, given the large number of people searching for her name and ending up here. Next, it seems like there is quite a lot of interest in post-graduate degrees in collaborative piano, both at the artist diploma and doctoral level. (I've also been contacted by a few pianists that have come to me asking for collaborative piano programs I recommend, which I am glad to oblige.) The largest average number of pages per visit are for the following search terms:

1. collaborative pianist (5.13 pages/visit)
2. collaborative piano blog (3.82 p/v)
3. collaborative piano (3.62 p/v)
4. bathroom divas (3.09 p/v)
5. doctor collaborative piano (3.00 p/v)

Bathroom Divas, of course is the Bravo!Canada reality show whose second season will be premiering in early February.

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