Sunday, January 28, 2007

10,000th Visitor

Today at 10:46am, a visitor from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania entering the site via a Google Blogsearch query for "piano", and staying 8 minutes 12 seconds, became the site's 10,000th visitor.

Many thanks to those that have visited The Collaborative Piano Blog in the last 14 months, whether regular or first-time visitors. Your interest and input has made this site a success not only for myself, but for the entire collaborative piano profession, a new but not-so-new corner of the classical music world that is still in many ways inventing itself, its meaning, and where it might go.


  1. I think that's me, Chris; the time's right, the method of finding you is right, the locations's right. Or maybe it's my evil piano-twin, The Pastry Chef.

    Seriously. You've got a fine site. Although I'm an advanced student, I found any number of things new to me, especially in your links. I'm going to add a link to your site on my own piano blog (

  2. Congratulations first on having 10000 visitors. Not an easy feat. Second, congratulations on being found by Google for such a generic term as "Piano". Lastly, congratulations for writing quality content that gave Mr. /Mrs./Ms.10000 over 8 minutes of information.

  3. Thanks, Teaching Music. As it turns out, this post was written a while ago and I've actually had over 71,000 visitors. Maybe I'll do another posting of this sort when the 75,000th visitor arrives.