Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nigredo Hotel+Opera Briefs 6=one busy month

For the last week, we've been rehearsing not one but two shows at Tapestry: Opera Briefs 6, which opens this Friday at the Tapestry New Work Studio, and a remount of Nigredo Hotel (by librettist Anne-Marie MacDonald and composer Nic Gotham) for the Algoma Fall Festival, with Alex Dobson and Patricia O'Callaghan performing the roles of Raymond and Sophia in the same production that Tapestry put on to great acclaim in the spring of 2005.

The Tapestry production isn't the only Nigredo Hotel happening this fall. Stopera in Canberra, Australia is producing NH at the Street Theatre from September 14-23 with David Pearson and Rebecca Collins in the two singing roles. The chamber ensemble is led by musical director and pianist Vivienne Winther. The opera is followed by the Nigredo Hotel Jazz Lounge featuring some of Canberra's finest jazz musicians.

Link to Wikipedia entry on Nigredo Hotel
Algoma Fall Festival ticket information
Stopera ticket information

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