Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Music Critics' Blog on ArtsJournal

ArtsJournal is currently hosting a blog/debate entitled Classical Music: best of times? worst of times? in partnership with the Aspen Music Festival Critics' Symposium. The participants include:

  • Peter Dobrin--Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Andrew Druckenbrod--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Janelle Gefland--Cincinnati Enquirer
  • Klaus Heyman--Naxos
  • Barbara Jepson--Wall Street Journal
  • Josh Kosman--San Francisco Chronicle
  • Allan Kozinn--The New York Times
  • Lowell Noteboom--St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
  • Frank J. Oteri--NewMusicBox

Some posts I particularly like include Peter Dobrin's Healthy But Strained, Douglas McLennan's Taking Temperature, Andrew Druckenbrod's Change: It's always been the name of the game, and Janelle Gelfand's Simulcasting the concert and podcasting the review.

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