Friday, April 07, 2006

Tapestry's 2006 liblab

For interested composers and writers, the call for applications for the 2006 Tapestry New Opera Works Composer/Librettist Laboratory has just been released, with an application deadline of May 15, 2006. More from the Tapestry site on the laboratory:

The heart and soul of Tapestry’s new work creation programme is the Composer-Librettist Laboratory. After ten successive “Lib-Labs”, this programme has been carefully honed for composers and writers to test, exercise and develop their collaborative writing and composing skills in the music theatre/opera art form. For most composers and writers the artistic process is a solitary one. Tapestry provides development, guidance and financial support through the often lengthy, but ultimately rewarding, new work creation process.

Call for applications on Acrobat PDF file

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