Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tablet PCs for Musicians

One of the shining new lights of the classical music blogosphere in the last while has been Hugh Sung, whose technical expertise in the field of footswitch-enabled tablet PCs and their applications by performing musicians as a substitute for traditional paper scores is an indispensable resource. Tablet PCs may very well be the wave of the future for performing musicians. Here are links to his series thus far on Putting a Tablet PC System together for Musicians:

One of the only questions I have about this medium regard copyright. Sites such as CD Sheet Music and Everynote have large collections of public domain digital scores, but music currently under copyright is generally only available in paper versions and music retailers I have talked to regarding digital copies of printed music tend to err on the conservative side of the law, ie. it contravenes copyright law. It is probably only a matter of time before the legalities of this medium are sorted out and it will be possible to purchase both digital and paper copies of current musical releases.

However, it appears that the page-turner gods have not been with me in the last year or so in various recitals--perhaps a stable and well-maintained tablet PC might be an answer to my current woes regarding finding reliable page turners.

Note on 3/18: Many of the issues regarding copyright are addressed in:

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