Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Robert Moog's last invention

According to a recent article from the Star-Ledger by Kevin Coughlin and blogged by Xeni Jardin on BoingBoing, electronic keyboard pioneer Robert Moog left a mysterious and unfinished final project at his death last year, the Eaton-Moog Multiple-Touch-Sensitive Keyboard, currently residing in the attic of composer John Eaton. A description of its keyboard mechanism:

What is unique -- and challenging -- about the Eaton-Moog keyboard is how many ways each key can be programmed to respond. How far you depress a key matters. The actual area covered by your finger changes the sound. Sliding your finger across a key's length or width can approximate, say, a vibrato effect on a violin string. How hard you push a depressed key matters, too.

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