Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Opera is Alive and Well in Canada

The Toronto Star's A&E section last Saturday featured an article by John Terauds on the large number of new Canadian operas that are premiering this year, including Alexina Louie's Burnt Toast on CBC Television, Chan Ka Nin's The Weaving Maiden and Other Tales, and Tapestry's Opera To Go, many of them created under the auspices of the Canadian Opera Creation Program administered by

What the Star article neglects to mention is that many of these operatic projects began their lives in Tapestry's groundbreaking
Composer/Librettist laboratory, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last August. Having participated in this unique workshop since 2002 as a coach/pianist, it is a unique place where there is both a tremendous exchange of ideas and a large number of operatic scenes that must be writen on very short notice--every year, 16 scenes are created and workshopped with pairs taken from the 4 composers and 4 librettists over the course of only 10 days.

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