Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bathroom Divas Episode 5 Recap

This week featured Sonja A, Sonja G, and Elton in their preparation for the final vote-off, with the winner going on to perform with the Toronto Symphony.

Although physically and emotionally exhausted from the previous vote-off (where Emili was asked to leave), the three with great determination attempt to demonstrate vocal and artistic growth for coaches Michael, Mary Lou, and Tom.

Mary Lou then took the three to see a charity recital given by Ben Heppner, where they met him following the concert, as well as sampled fresh oysters.

The next morning, they worked for the final time with director Tom Diamond and later with conductor Timothy Vernon. That evening they went to the Rex for a night of jazz. Sonja G took a turn singing with the house band.

The next day was the final vote-off held at the George Weston Recital Hall at the North York Centre for the Performing Arts. I was the pianist for the performances and the guest judges were conductor Timothy Vernon and tenor Richard Margison.

Sonja Anderson performed first, singing Mariettas Lied from Die Tode Stadt by Erich Korngold. Elton Lammie followed, singing Total Eclipse from George Frederich Handel's Samson. Sonja Gustafson was the last performer, singing the Queen of the Night's Revenge Aria from Mozart's Magic Flute.

In the last shot of the episode, the three are called back on stage and the winner is....

To be announced this Saturday on the Bathroom Divas Season 1 finale.


Here are a few interesting items that B-Divas fans may wish to know:

Opera Boot Camp was located in a very large and elegant house in Toronto's Rosedale District on Sherbourne Street north of Bloor.

The house they stayed in was several kilometres north, a few blocks south of the intersection of Bayview and York Mills.

For Tom Diamond fans, don't miss a great chance to see his work as a director when Tapestry New Opera Works' Opera To Go runs from March 1-17 at Toronto's Young Centre for the Performing Arts.

Link to Opera To Go info

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