Monday, December 12, 2005

Muß der Winter kommt so bald

As the winter here in Canada gets underway with its characteristic sub-zero temperatures, now might be a good time to mention a few sites devoted to Schubert's Winterreise. At the top of the list is Margo Briessink's Winterreise site, notable for its depth of information, simplicity of navigation and beauty. In addition to song texts with MIDI files, it also contains rarities such as Lotte Lehmann's brilliant Winterreise illustrations.

At the William and Gayle Cook Library at Indiana University, there is an online version of the Peters Edition. American tenor David Pisaro walked across northern England in January 2004, performing Winterreise 13 times with pianist Quentin Thomas along the way (he doesn't mention if his pianist also made the walk). Ernest Johnson, Ted Perry, and Richard Morris have compiled a complete discography of Winterreise, including pirated recordings. And finally, Ian Bostridge has starred in a movie version of Winterreise for British television directed by David Alden.

Monday 2:30pm--I also received the following suggestion from a reader this afternoon: Schubert's Winterreise: A Winter Journey in Poetry, Image, and Song published by the University of Wisconsin Press, with contributions by John Harbison, Susan Youens, Katrin Talbot, and Louise McClelland Urban.

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