Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wolfram Rieger interview in Music & Vision

In the online classical music magazine Music & Vision, Tess Crebbin wrote an excellent article entitled Diving into the Music featuring an interview with German pianist and coach Wolfram Rieger. Here is a short excerpt:

TC: Now I understand why you said this is not a job for people who cannot be team players.

WR: A big part of this job is about intuitively knowing what the singer is going to do, so you need a certain amount of sensitivity, to pick up on even the most minute of problems. You have to have good hearing, also. This is not
about the theory-related, analytical sense of hearing that you need in music theory classes. Our kind of hearing goes on at a human-to-human level. You notice: oops, this is going in a direction it shouldn't be going, and then you jump in and do your bit. It becomes a problem if you simply don't notice things like that going on.

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