Friday, November 11, 2005

Chris Burton's New Borderless Song Series

Borderless Song is a brand new concert series begun by Artistic Director Christopher Burton. From the Borderless Song website:

"Borderless Song was formed for the sole purpose of bringing Canadian music and the work of Canadian performers to a wider audience. We feel that it is not only important to bring the vast talent in this country to Canadians, but to our international friends and neighbours. Our goal is to present concerts of chamber music from all eras which include Canadian chamber music alongside great musical works from all over the world. "

The inaugural concert is entitled An Evening of Song and features Bridget Hogan, soprano, John Liddle, trumpet, and Christopher Burton, piano. Time and date are 7:30pm Sunday November 27th at Forest Grove United Church. Tickets $15/10.

Best of luck to Dr. Burton & Co. Keep that Canadian music happening.


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