Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Erika Switzer on Collaborative Resilience

"In reorienting our systems toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, we inherently acknowledge that it takes more than perseverance to overcome such obstacles. Whereas the internal fortitude of perseverance costs energy, such that we may acquire emotional debt, systemic change universally invests in its constituents through equitable treatment and compensation, making resilience an institutionally supported commodity. In the meantime, as we persevere, resilience must be cultivated by individuals and within communities. In my own work, the essential elements of collaborative resilience are restorative piano practice, socially conscious communication habits, and regular celebration of accomplishments. Taken together, these elements express a global respect for ourselves and for others."

Erika Switzer's Collaborative Resilience in the Jan/Feb 2022 NATS Journal of Singing explores how we can add sustainability into our collaborative work, benefitting others as well as maintaining the well of creativity within us. The sections on restorative practice, communication habits, and celebration of accomplishments are important touchstones for all musicians. 

You can read more about Erika's work here.

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