Saturday, July 03, 2021

HBD!Project - May your June be Proud

This recording project needed a lot of practice for some very difficult rep, but was a lot of fun to record and play. HBD!Project's May/June compilation of composers features a huge cast of singers, none of whom I rehearsed with before recording the tracks, although let's just say Natalya and I entered into negotiations regarding the tempo for the Wagner Ride of the Valkyries. 

Production credits go to Natalya Gennadi and Catherin Carew for putting together the project, as well as Bruno Roy for video and sound editing. 

Here's a complete track listing with a rundown of the cast for each:

0:39 Ride of the Valkyries Composer: Richard Wagner Chris Foley, piano Siegrune: Kristina Maria Agur, mezzo soprano Voice of Ortlinde: Catharin Carew, mezzo soprano Helmwige: Stephanie DeCiantis, soprano Grimgerde: Leah Giselle Field,mezzo soprano Face of Ortlinde: Gregory Finney, baritone, actor Gerhilde: Natalya Gennadi, soprano Schwertleite: Suzanne Hendrix-Case, mezzo soprano Roßweiße: Jennifer Routhier, mezzo soprano Waltraute: Jillian Yemen, mezzo soprano 5:48 Don Juan's Serenade Composer: Pyotr Tchaykovsky Text: Alexey Tolstoy Bruno Roy - Baritone Chris Foley, piano 8:43 Miss Muffet is a Hipster Composer / text: Rossa Crean Catharin Carew, mezzo soprano Chris Foley, piano

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