Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Diverse Career: My Interview with Amy Boyes for ORMTA Notes

A few months ago, Amy Boyes interviewed me for the summer 2021 issue of ORMTA Notes Magazine (the interview is on page 12). Her questions got me reflecting on my current professional hats, balancing personal and career time, side hustles, and professional development opportunities. 

On channeling side projects into consistently profitable activities:

Some of my creative projects will never generate significant direct income. There was a time when I worked hard at placement of product ads on the Collaborative Piano Blog, and for a while I was able to make around $50-80 a month. However, the work I put into the elegant placement and rotation of ads wasn’t worth what I got out of it. 

Things changed when I realized that blogging could become highly profitable if I used it to attract students in my teaching practice. I placed direct registration links from the top of the blog’s header and within a few years, my studio was at full capacity. The important concept I learned was that by giving away something for free, I was able to leverage it to advertise the activity that was most profitable for me - teaching piano.

I'm not sure how long the entire issue will be available on the ORMTA site before it becomes members-only content. If you don't want to read the entire magazine, you can read just the article here

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