Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Piano Music She Wrote

With the current momentum to make the repertoire more inclusive, never has there been as much interest in the music of women composers as there is now. However, it's often hard to find properly curated sources of works in order to choose the right pieces to perform or teach - where does one look? 

Sandra Mogensen and Erica Sipes have just started Piano Music She Wrote, an online directory of publicly accessible piano music by women. With a $15 donation, you can get access to the PMSW Directory, a listing of all the works by women composers available on IMSLP, with 10% of all money donated flowing back to IMSLP for their work in making their library of online scores available to us. 

Sandra and Erica also have a YouTube channel and an events page where you can find out more about the composers that they're uncovering. 

If you're interested in purchasing their directory, you can find it here

Here's Erica playing Lullaby Under a Night Sky by Andrea Untung (IMSLP link to score):

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