Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Join and Watch CyberCollab, an Online Event for Collaborative Projects on February 12

CyberCollab is a project from Kimly Wang (studying at the New England Conservatory) and Yolanda Tapia (on staff at Western University in Ontario) to bring attention to the diversity of work happening in the collaborative piano community. 

The performance will be live on Zoom on Friday, February 12 at 8pm EST. Here's how you can participate:

We'd like to invite all collaborative pianists to participate in our event by submitting a 5-15 minute video of them performing duo repertoire with a partner. It could be one movement of a duo sonata, a group of songs, or a character piece...Due to the Covid situation, the video does not have to be recent. 

There is no age limit and no application fee!!! Selected performances will be presented at our Zoom Concert Event "live". The audience will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite performance at the concert. The pianist who gets the most votes will win a Focusrite Scarlett Studio bundle to assist the pianist for future recording projects. The concert will be posted on CollaborativePianists social media platforms afterwards for all audience members to vote. The final votes will be cumulated from both the concert and the social media platforms. Concert attendance each has 10 votes, whereas social media users each has 1.  

The submission deadline is Feb 5th, 2021. 

Send in your stuff, people! You can find more information at the CyberCollab page at

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