Tuesday, February 09, 2021

I Also Write Another Blog

Wendy Hatala Foley, New Day, 48'x40', acrylic on canvas

The cadence of articles on the Collaborative Piano Blog has alternated between periods of frenzied activity and long hiatus. It's a huge challenge to be a long-term blogger, and my interests and passions tend to change over time, not to mention the amount of work on my plate. 

For the last while I've been writing a second blog at Foley Music and Arts. While my articles here focus on collaborative piano and piano pedagogy, at FMA my articles have a much wider scope and talk about creativity, productivity, entrepreneurship, and navigating media. 

Wendy also showcases and sells her paintings on the site, which has grown greatly during the pandemic. You can read more about our story on Digital Main Street

Here are some of my articles on Foley Music and Arts from the last while:

But the important thing is I'm back to a regular blogging schedule. I'll be talking about how I got to this point in a future post. 

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