Thursday, February 23, 2017

Listening with Scores on YouTube

This is the way you do track listings on YouTube
Nothing focuses the mind when listening to music like following along in the score. It allows you to make connections, connect listening and hearing, as well as stopping the mind from wandering. Back in the day, I amassed a small collection of miniature scores so I could follow along when listening to my favourite records. On YouTube, there are lots of channels that allow you to follow along while listening, but one of my students alerted me to the best one I've found: Ashish Xiangyi Kumar, who has detailed and comprehensive information for each score/video, including a short essay on each work and track listings that trace the work's form.

Here's a comparison of Richard Goode's and Igor Levit's readings of Beethoven Op. 109 (be sure to check out the video on YouTube for the play-by-play with explanatory essay):

More from Ashish Xiangyi Kumar:

Cho Seong-Jin plays all four Chopin Ballades
Beethoven Op. 110 with Lortie, Siirala, and Kovacevich
Both books of Debussy Preludes with Zimmerman
Granados 8 Valses Poéticos with Grosvenor vs. Perez

(Thanks, Alexander!)


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