Monday, April 21, 2014

Job Opening for Music Instructor, Hutchinson Community College

Northwest of Wichita, Kansas lies the city of Hutchinson, whose community college has an opening in piano. Here are the duties:
Essential Functions

1. Teach music related courses including class piano, individual piano lessons (for music majors), recreational piano, aural skills, music appreciation, etc.
2. Assignments may include occasional evening courses and teaching via alternative delivery systems, such as online, and/or ITV.
3. Provide piano accompaniment for student recitals, faculty recitals, and vocal ensembles including vocal jazz.
4. Coordinate student recitals and other activities such as concerts (on- or off-campus), touring possibilities, clinics, festivals, workshops and/or master classes.
5. Recruit students for music and other fine arts programs and make scholarship awards within published deadlines.
6. Foster positive professional relationships with area high school music program directors/faculty and with community members who support HCC music programs.
7. Maintain donor database for the purpose of raising scholarship funds. Communicate with donors regularly and develop the donor base for music programs.
8. Maintain records and files as requested by the department chairperson.
9. Collaborate with other faculty in the department on classes, concerts, trips, workshops, recruiting, clinics, and performances.
10. Collaborate each school year with the theatre program on a musical. Duties may include music direction, providing musicians, rehearsing with the cast during the rehearsal process, and playing during rehearsals.
11. Maintain skills in teaching methods and course development as recommended by HCC.
12. Serve actively on campus committees.
13. Arrive on time for work and successfully complete the responsibilities of the position.


14. May advise prospective and current students in appropriate curricula.
15. May recommend upgrades for music technology and development of curriculum and/or online/hybrid delivery formats.
16. Perform other responsibilities as assigned by the appropriate Department Chairperson and/or the Vice-President of Academic Affairs.

You can find the full listing here.


  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    can we maybe add a couple more "essential functions"?
    I mean... we already have 13, what harm will 2 or 3 more do?

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