Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Debussy's Quatre Chansons de Jeunesse w/Anna Sohn and Hui-Won Lee

Sometimes it feels like the winter will never end. It's April 15, I just had my lawn aerated, put down seed and fertilizer in the front yard a few days ago, and I woke up to snow yet again. After a speedy commute on the Go Train listening to one of my favorite podcasts, I taught my vocal lit class at the Royal Conservatory, where one of the students in my class did a presentation on Debussy's Quatre Chansons de Jeunesse.

The recording from YouTube that she played created a stir, and we all enjoyed it for its imagination, humor, and quality of playing and singing. I love the joy of discovery that you can find on YouTube, with a new and fascinating recording just around the corner. Here is soprano Anna Sohn with pianist Hui-Won Lee - if anybody knows anything about Hui-Won Lee, please leave I comment. I couldn't find anything else on the internet about this fine pianist.

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