Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Call for Pianists: Music Theater Bavaria, July 4-August 3 2014

Last summer was the first year that Music Theater Bavaria ran collaborative piano internships for their opera and musical theater programs. I sent one of my students and was glad that other Collaborative Piano Blog readers were able to go as well. For 2014, program coordinator (and Ole Miss faculty member) Amanda Johnston has reworked some of the programs to increase the opportunities available for collaborative pianists in the program. Here is some information for this year:
Music Theater Bavaria is seeking applications from student pianists for collaborative piano internships with our summer opera and musical theater program in Germany, from July 4 to August 3, 2014. 
Pianists will observe and work with our professional vocal coaches, MTB Head of Collaborative Piano Amanda Johnston (University of Mississippi, and author of English and German Diction for Singers: a Comparative Approach), MTB Head of Opera JoAnn Kulesza (Head of Opera at Peabody Conservatory), and MTB Head of Musical Theater Dean Wilmington (Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Munich). 
We will offer positions to 4 pianists, who will have the opportunity to:
  • play for voice studios taught by distinguished teachers of voice who can offer expert repertoire guidance 
  • participate with the singers in most of the classes and master classes of our Opera Studio and our Musical Theater Studio (including German lyric diction, conversational German, song and aria interpretation, advice on working in the German-speaking countries, and more) 
  • receive extra master classes relating to collaborating with singers, with topics such as accompanying recitativo secco, navigating orchestral reductions, balance challenges with different voice types, breathing with the singer, and voicing.
Please visit our website, www.musictheaterbavaria.org, for program costs and audition details. Auditions are submitted by emailing videos of accompanying for singers in the areas of opera, operetta, German Lied, and/or musical theater, along with our application form.

If you need any additional information, you can also email Amanda Johnston at 2011ajjohnston [at] att dot net.


  1. Hi Chris--thanks so much for sharing this information about the MTB. I'll make sure to spread the word as best I can know how and am able to do.

    I'm curious--you mentioned that you sent one of your students to MTB last summer. Did he or she like it? Is there any feedback you can share here about that student's experience?

    I apologize if that's sort of a topic you've previously covered here. I only found your blog recently (well, somewhat recently), and I admit I haven't gotten a chance to go back and read as much of the older posts as I'd like yet :)


    1. Thanks Ronnie! I would rather not talk about anyone's experience secondhand, but I can contact my student and see if she would be open to talking about her experiences. You can email me with your contact info.