Sunday, March 10, 2013

3000 Likes and Counting

The Collaborative Piano Blog Facebook Page experienced another milestone yesterday, with its 3000th like. For those of you not yet on Facebook, you're missing out, as a lot of the action these days is happening on the CPB Facebook page, including links, commentary, and funny pictures with hidden pedagogical value. I can already think of at least 4 people who have had an inestimable value in helping me with the direction of this blog who have so far refused to participate in Facebook - you know who you are. And I understand that many people in the profession would prefer not to be perceived as participating in social media for professional reasons.

However, a conversation that I had with a professor of collaborative piano earlier this year humbled me, and reminded me of the responsibility that I have with the direction of this blog and its social media outposts. This well-known teacher said that when undergraduate pianists show up for her freshman collaborative piano class, nearly everything that they know about the field is gleaned from the Collaborative Piano Blog. Although I've spent countless lonely hours on this project over the last 7 years (and not as much as I should have with this season's busy teaching load), I'm still surprised when I discover its reach in the musical community.

Thanks everyone!

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