Sunday, February 24, 2013

My New Instrument

My studio finally has a grand piano! Just before Christmas, I purchased a 1928 Steinway M (5'7"), rebuilt by Rob O'Brien in Brampton and sold by Grand Piano House in King City. It's got an awfully big sound for an M, and its Steinway/Renner action brings to mind the classic Steinway feel, with a sound that can deliver both sweetness and power, requiring depth of tone in order to bring it forth.

For those of you enamoured of my rebuilt Yamaha U1, I have no intention of selling it. Having a second piano in the studio is awesome for teaching (my younger students begin their studies on it and continue on it up to Grade 2), and once the summer rolls around, I look forward to working on concertos with my advanced students.


  1. Anonymous7:19 AM

    Congratulations!! I have a 1931 Steinway M in brown with a bench similar to yours and I *love* it - and so does everyone else who comes over to play the piano :) How exciting!
    Anne K

    1. Those were great years for Steinway. It's interesting to note that Steinway cast the iron in their own foundry until 1939. Grands made after May 1927 also feature a short stick.